UFC 249 Fight

UFC 249 Fight: Our UFC 249 live stream guide will show you how to catch the big return of the popular MMA promotion. The Ultimate fighting championship UFC 249 is to take place on April 18th, 2020 at the popular Barclays Center which is located in Brooklyn in New York, US. The fight is going to feature two of the greatest fighters of that weight category Khabib against Ferguson.

It is an upcoming mixed martial arts event. This is about the fight between the current champion Khabib Nurmagomedov and UFC team Team Lesnar against Team dos Santos welterweight winner as well as the former interim lightweight champion Tony Ferguson. This pairing has been scheduled for a long time and it appears that it is going to happen this time around. Many people were expecting a fight between the current champion and the former champion and it appears that this ticket is going to provide that opportunity. These are not the only fights that are expected to take place in that event, several others could take place. It appears that some of the names that were expected to be in that ticket would no longer be there and new names were added as a replacement. A few of the names were in the previous tickets of UFC 248.

UFC 249

UFC 249 Main Card
The main fight in this card is the lightweight championship fight between Khabib Nurmagomedov vs Tony Ferguson. This fight is going to be the main event and other events are lined up and these are the preliminary events. This fight is going to be historic because it is going to mark the 514th the UFC has staged all kinds of fights ranging from UFC fight nights, pay per views fights as well as TUF season finales and so on. The major event in the clash between the champion and the former champion. This fight is not far away from now, it is expected that more names more make that card and that some names already in that card may withdraw. It is still early to speculate as to which fighters would be on that card and who is not going to be on that card. However, one thing is certain and that the UFC 249 must take place.

UFC 249 Prelims
Apart from the fight between the champion and the former champion, other fighters would engage themselves in that card. It is expected that there would a fight between women’s strawweight champion Jessica Andrade against Rose Namajunas. There is also going to be the fight between Uriah Hall against Ronaldo Souza and it is going to be about middleweight title. There is also an expectation that there could be a heavyweight bout between Ben Rothwell and Gian Villante.

UFC 249 Early Prelims
It is already known that the fight takes place on the 18th of April and that it is on the ESPN+ channel. The fight is going to start with the early prelims which are to commence by 6.15 pm on the official broadcast channel. After that, it would be followed by the prelims which will take the stage from 8.00 pm. This is to continue until around 10.00 pm when the main event of the day which is the fight between the champion and the former champion takes place. This fight is to be aired on a PPV basis. Currently, there is nothing cast in stone about the fight because as the day for the match approaches, there could be changes and this could affect the names in the early preliminary as well as those in the preliminary fights. The leaders of that card are Nurmagomedov vs Ferguson.

How to watch UFC 249 live stream Free
UFC 249 holds on April 18th and it would be aired based on PPV which means pay per view. The official broadcast station of the fight which is to take place in New York City, US is the ESPN+. This is the official streaming station and any other broadcasting outfit that want to show that fit would do that on a solid agreement and arrangement they would have with the official streaming station. ESPN is available for fans in the US and other parts of the world. ESPN+ is a superior channel and it can take care of some of the foreign viewers who want to watch that fight through that channel. It is expected that other broadcast and online streaming channels would arrange with them to telecast that event live to fans all over the world.

The official way to watch the fight is through ESPN and it has to be on PPV arrangement. This means that you must pay before you are allowed access to the fight. It is not free. Though some stations would like to show the fight free. This is a crime and it is not allowed. Organizers of the event could even prosecute you if you try to short change the system by not paying. Eventually, some people would like to beat the system. However, one should note that the official way to watch that fight is through PPV arrangement.

What TV Channel will the UFC 249 be on
This fight as pointed out above is on ESPN television. The channel has the exclusive right to air that fights all over the world. If you have access to the ESPN+ channels, then you would have a wonderful opportunity of watching one of the greatest fights of the year. If on the other hand that you have restricted access to that channel, then you have to look for partner stations that would collaborate with them to air that fight live. It would not be easy for ESPN to stream the fight all over the world, because of that, they would be partnering with other stations across the country and beyond to provide fans a wonderful opportunity to watch that fight live.

UFC 249 live broadcast schedule Worldwide
It all depends on the part of the world you are located; you would have the wonderful opportunity of watching UFC249 live. The event as you are aware is holding in the Barclays Center which is located in New York, USA. The official broadcast station of that fight is ESPN+. This station is currently located in America and they have international access. This means that if you have their subscription you can watch directly from them but where you do not have that, then you have watched it through those other local and international television stations they are partnering with.

How to watch UFC 249 in the USA
If you are in the US, you have the opportunity of watching that fight direct through ESPN stations. Before you can do that, you must have subscribed to their services because the fight is based on pay per view. This implies that you must first pay before you are allowed to watch that fight live. If you do not have access to that channel, hope is still not lost for you because there are other alternatives out for you there which you can rely on to watch that fight.
It known that official broadcast channels do not do that alone, they have to partner with other stations to carry the fight and advertisers’ products to other stations. Because of that, likely, such other television stations in the country like CBS, Fox Sports, NBC, ABC and other big television houses in America are going to collaborate with the ESPN+ to show that fight live to fans across the world.

Apart from that, even those fans that do not like using cables for this kind of fight would like to watch it online. Hope is still not lost for such people because there are streaming stations online that would be showing the fight on the internet. Just like the cable and satellite counterpart, it is still important to stress that it is not free and this means that you must also pay for that before you are allowed to watch that fight.

Some internet streaming channels are American based that would stream that fight to fans across the country. The most popular ones among them are Fubo television, Hulu television lives, Sling television, DirecTV Now, YouTube and several other online televisions that would be streaming that fight for the benefits of fans located in different parts of the world.

Apart from the online streaming stations, some social media channels would be streaming the fight live to fans in America and other parts of the world. Social media sites such as Twitter, Facebook, Reddit and YouTube, and others would be showing the fight through different channels and that can provide American fans access to the fight. Once you are in America and other parts of the world, there is a great opportunity for you to watch that fight taking place in American soil.